symbolism and intention

"Satori is the Japanese term for a moment of presence or the arisingof inner spaciousness. The title was not planned at the onset of thepainting, however, it is what it became, based on a book I was readingat the time.To avoid the complexity of a large painting, I wanted to paintsomething simple. I chose to use a large piece of foam core for thebackground and laminate wood planks for the floor. I liked thecontrast of the white material to the black table, and chose theblue glass ball to complement the orange of the floor.The spiraling light at the top of the painting happened accidentally.As I was working on the painting, sunlight refracted from a crackedpiece of glass in the studio window. I knew it would only last a minute and never come back so I photographed it for reference.Floating the glass ball and painting what is reflected in it was as funas painting the white cloth. White satin absorbs and reflects everything.I exagerated parts of the cloth so the viewer could easily see what I did.My choice to soften the focus going toward the wall was intended tokeep the viewers' eyes where I wanted them to go.The idea that the glass ball is rising to the refracted light is as the titlesuggests: the light is a moment of presence and the glass will be presenteven though in the painting, it has only begun to rise.

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