Barbara Tiffany


Barbara Tiffany has loved art and nature her entire life, knowing at a very early age that art would be a big part of her future.

Beginning her career as a commercial artist, she always found time to draw. In 1980, she began participating in outdoor art festivals, as well as museum exhibits and competitions throughout the state and on a national level, winning awards along the way.

Barbara's early works of art were exclusively graphite and colored pencil. In 1986, private lessons with Maury Hurt, taught the classical approach to painting while introducing the effects of light. This dramatically changed her work and also her approach to teaching, which she has been doing since 1984. She further studied with nationally recognized oil painting instructors in various workshops. From 1987 until 2008, she maintained a

studio at The Maitland Art Center.

Continuing to explore a wide range of subjects, her goal is to convey to the viewer, a sense of participating wonder, leading to unexpected observations, either through extreme realism or abstraction.


"With awe and wonder of not only the subject, but the process, I am inspired by many things, complex or simple. My desire is to convey to the viewer a sense of wonder and sometimes reveal an unknown observation to them either through extreme realism or an abstracted version of something real."